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Why Visit Manu Park with SAS Travel ?

MANU; Hundreds of Colors, Sounds and Aromas in the most Pristine Jungle in the
Southeastern of Perú.... Feel the aromatic, the colors and the sounds of the most
impressive Jungle in the Southeastern of Perú. !

SAS Travel - Manu National Park Jungle Trips Specialist !!
Environmentally sensitive / Original outfitters / Sustainable & Responsible eco-tourism

Our 20 years of experience operating and organizing Adventure Tours gives us the technical and professionalism to offer a great value eco-adventure trips for your money. Our Manu Trips are unique jungle trips that will exceed your expectations. As an official Manu Tour operator, we are specialized in Ecotourism, Adventure Travel, Cultural Tours and we have very convenient itineraries in the Manu National Park. We also make a conscious effort to minimize impact on the environment. Just in our first year of activity, the Peruvian Tourist Ministry nominated SAS Travel as one of the forerunners in trips to Manu and Nature Tours for these reasons; Great Value and Technical-Well Planned Programs, the quality of the tours, experienced and dedicated staff, great facilities and infrastructure.

The great biodiversity of this national park is due to it starting in the eastern slopes on the Andes and plunging down into the lowlands, thus covering a wide range of cloud forest and rainforest inhabitats. The most progressive aspect of the park is the fact that so much of it is very carefully protected, a rarity anywhere in the world.

SAS Travel was founded in 1993 as an Eco-Adventure Travel Company and we have been an Official Manu Operator since 1999. We offer a unique style of eco-adventure tours with experienced and knowledgeable Peruvian jungle guides that will improve your experiences and adventures by providing to you their years of extensive, local expertise. We also go to great lengths to give you the comfort that you expect from a reputable agency, such as ourselves. One of the ways that we accomplish this is by providing mosquito nets and comfortable beds with real mattresses. All of our jungle sites: Capybara Platforms SAS Camp, the Piranha Base Platform Camp, the Bamboo Lodge and Casa Bonanza have a dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms with showers. Each of the sites is also equipped with an emergency radio for contacting the civilized world. For your safety and comfort, our tropical chalet tents are set up on platforms above the forest floor so that the rooms are not overly humid and so that no curious critters can enter in the night time. At SAS Travel, we provide you with safety, comfort and unlimited opportunities to interact with the nature and culture that can only be found in this area of the world.

We, here at SAS Travel, maintain the exclusive rights to use the Capybara Platforms SAS Camp under the terms of an agreement between ourselves, the Peruvian government and Manu National Park, making us one of a very limited number of agencies that are permitted to set up our own personal area inside the park. With this camp area, we are presented with an opportunity to give our customers one of the purest and most mystical journeys of their lives. Now you have the chance to experience one of our memorable "eco-tours" that you won’t soon forget.

One of our main objectives in escorting tourists to Manu National Park is to guarantee a high-quality experience for our customers, while at the same time ensuring that all eco-tourism activities in the Reserved Zones and the Park areas are enforced. In that way, we will be promoting and increasing the amount of visitors to Manu in an organized manner that does not impact the fragil eco system in a negative way. In order to operate inside of the borders of the Manu National Park, an agency must be a legitimate and reputable Travel Company with an official, government issued licence to work there. This license then has to be reviewed and renewed every single year by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism and presented to the National Resourses Institute, INRENA. They do this to ensure that each agency inside of the park itself is maintaining their standards and dedication to quality.

And of course, the conservation of this rich biodiversity is the highest priority for all of us, not even just as a company that is run by Peruvians, but also as citizens of the world. In our eco tours, we go through great stakes to take care of the lands by doing such things as minimizing the use of plastics and being sure to transfer all of our waste back to Cusco along with us when we leave. For that reason, all of our bio tours consist of the most natural and organic experiences available in the jungle today. If we are able to provide a perfect mixture of this mentality and at the same time provide for you a comfortable and mind opening experience, then we have succeded our goal.

The INRENA is also the group responsible for charging each of the tourists that enters the park US $50 each. The money that is produced this way is then re-invested into the park itself, providing such ammenities as trails, piers, observation platforms and canoes at the two lakes where the companies have their camping sites, as well as a small amount of assistance for native communities such as the Matchiguenkas, whom are charged with caring for this unique forest and its fauna inhabitants.

To be one of the hand full of Manu Operators is not necessarilly an easy job. Each of the chosen agencies had to prove themselves in a "competition" ,if you will, against all the other agencies in Peru who also wished to have their own area inside the park. All Manu Operators, such as SAS Travel, are also required to pay fees and concession rates to the INRENA, in order to maintain our facilities within the confines of the park, creating jobs for locals residents as parks security and maintenence. The money that the INRENA earns is even used to support other national parks and state preserves in Peru that are in danger of perishing over time.

Another of the regulations that we agencies must follow is that all of the guides that we send there must be officially licenced and sponsored by an official Manu Operator. They must then have their license renewed every single year, again, to ensure that this guide is maintaining his desire to provide eco- tourism in a responsible and respectful way. One of the ways that they test this is by giving the guide a yearly exam, which, if they were to fail, then they would lose their license for doing guide work inside of the park. There is a maximum ratio of 1 guide per 10 passengers so it is very important to us that they be of the quality that we desire. At this time, there are only 50 licensed Manu Guides allowed to take groups in Manu National Park. All of our guides belong to this exclusive association.


Bus- The buses and Vans that we use are specially equipped for transportation through thick jungle terrain.They are also equipped with lots of luggage space and very nice seats in order to help you to be comfortable for your trip, no matter how long it lasts.

Boat- Our motorized boats are fully-equipped with cushioned seats, life jacket,s and tarpaulins to shelter you from the sun and rain,

Plane- We work with a Plane Company that provide a service of a twin turbo airplane which we have available in order to fly our passengers from the highlands of Cusco to the Lowlands of the Jungle.

All of our drivers, like the rest of our staff, are friendly, courteous, and Professional and have a profound knowledge of the area in which they are working. They are guaranteed to transfer with the utmost of care and precision.


-BAMBU LODGE Asuncion San Pedro Cloud Forest : Run by a small friendly local family near the beautiful zone of San Pedro - Manu Cloud Forest, 5 bambu-material private cabins exclusivelly build for our clientsadorned with a wild cane "bambu" with private facilities as showers and toilet for a deserved rest after our first night in Manu in a cozy ambience.This Place has an impressive view of the Cloud Forest where is possible to find flocks of herons, tanagers,and the Osprey eagle.

- PIRANHA Tented PLATFORMS Boca Manu Maquisapayoq near to the exclusive Manu Camping Lodge , located just few minutes near the famous Blanquillo Macaw Clay Lick,Collpa de Guacamayos adittionally we can integrate to our tours the visit to the Tapir Clay Lick and walk to the Piranhas Lake as well .Very estrategic site in order to improve our time in Manu watching as much as possible the priatine flora and wildlife of the zone.

- CAPYBARA SAS Tented PLATFORMS Salvador Lake Renaco Inrena. It is an area, inner an special zone, called tourist zone where the Peruvian government is working in strategies to conserve the natural process of the forest as well to maintain populations of endangered species like black caimans, giant otter, monkeys,macaws, and hundred species of birds ,etc. CAPYBARA SAS Tented PLATFORMS campsite has a group of platforms for our tends with palms leaves roofs also we have a battery of toilets and showers, a large room for our meals, meetings and relax .

- CASA BONANZA near Atalaya Port; Located in the lowland, in middle of the forest, with an excellent access to deep of the forest, at 1.100 feet Casa Bonanza is a lovely place where the opportunity to find the Dusky Titi monkey is high. With the company of the guides we can understand complex process of the dynamic of the forest.

OUR NATURALIST JUNGLE GUIDES .-We believe that a journey can only be as good as it’s guide and so that is why go to such lengths to contract only the finest guides that money can hire. Our guides are handpicked from the rest for being the most knowledgeable, professional, and fluent of the candidates. They must be “people persons” who don’t just do it because it is their job, but instead do it because they have an authentic love of the nature people and culture. Most of our guides are biologists, professionals with years of experience doing research and guiding in Manu. They will help you to understand the unique and fascinating world of the rainforest, and the delicate interrelations between the animals and plants of this unique ecosystem, pointing out birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects, as well as the medicinal plants of the forest.

PERUVIAN CUISINE .-The delicious and filling meals of traditional and international food are prepared by our professional and dedicated cooks from a mixture of local and rainforest products. We also cater for vegetarians. Bottle water is provided during the trip and used for cooking.


  • Guided Nature Hikes and Treks
  • Forest and Wildlife Interpretation
  • Bird Watching in the Wild
  • Boat and Canoe Trips
  • Night Time Canoe Trips
  • Night Hikes
  • Insect Watching
  • An afternoon of Handicrafts
  • “Fungus Hunting”


  • Small Group Experiences; with maximum 8-10 person groups
  • Tours run only by Naturalists Guides.
  • 3 Nights in the Manu Reserve Zone in our CAPYBARA SAS TENTED PLATFORMS
  • 1 Day to Explore Pakitza “The first Biological Station in Manu”
  • A chance to visit the famous Macaw and Tapir Clay Licks
  • A chance to visit a Piranha Lake.
  • Visit to LEK of Cock of the Rocks "Gallito de las Rocas"
  • Private Transport available for a secure returning to Cusco
  • Entrance fees to Manu National Park INCLUDED.
  • Variety and Excellent yummy meals

AWARD Dircetur 2002, 2005 & 2007 “The Best Tour Operator”

( *Tours only with highly recommended naturalist jungle guides.)

SAS Travel
Manu Park Operator.  Small group Specialists.

Office: Calle Garcilaso 270 (near Hotel Marqueses & Plaza San Francisco) CUSCO- PERU.
Phones: +51 84 256324   +51 84 261920  +51 984 65 2232   Office hours: Mon to Sat: 8am-8pm
Emergencies:  + 51 84 402040 -  Mobile: +51 984 65 2232 +51 974 21 8769 (WhatsApp)

SAS Travel provides Ecotourism at its best, working with people from the region to improve their lives, conserving the environment and preserving the rain forest ecosystem of Manu national park and the amazon for the future generations.

SAS Travel -Trusted, certified local travel specialists, Customize your trip to your exact needs We work with only the very best professional naturalist guides. Small groups, personal touch, live in the moment. Pay direct prices. No expensive overhead, Secure & easy booking –guaranteed. Once you are happy with the trip plan and cost, you can book your entire trip via SAS Travel´s secure payment platform. SAS Travel offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with us, we’ll work with you to make it right.

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