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Because the diet of many birds and mammals is specialized to each specie, they need to supplement their diets `With the minerals that are lacking in the food that they eat.

For this reason they frequently visit clay licks or "collpas" as they are known locally. These are areas of clay, rich in minerals and salts, where the wildlife of the rainforest go to eat the clay to extract the minerals they need.

The most famous "collpa" in Manu is Blanquillo, where the National Geographic report on macaws was made.

In the early morning the spectacle starts with the gathering of the parrots in the trees above the riverbed. When a sufficient number has gathered, the parrots will descend in multitudes to eat the clay. After the parrots leave the brilliantly colourful macaws start to arrive, squeaking loudly and illuminating the trees with their bright colours. Unless disturbed, they too will descent to eat from the clay banquet. A well camouflaged bamboo catamaran enables visitors to cautiously approach the lick to give the best possible view.

RAINY SEASON PROGRAM : From January to March it is necessary to use a lodge inside the Reserved Zone so the program may vary a bit. (Matchigenga Lodge ,Community Proyect ) . Please contact us for more details.


Once you have booked a tour to Manu and pay your down payment of $300 each, please visit our Office in Cusco at your arrival: Calle Garcilaso 270 ( near Plaza San Francisco) to finalize to pay your final balance

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The night before at 7.00 pm you will have a pre-departure briefing with your tour guide and the other travelers in your group. It can be at your hotel or in our Office.

Make sure to bring with you the recommended list of items for a confortable experience in your tour to Manu

You can hire Binoculars in Cusco if you don´t one with you.

You don`t need to bring sleeping bag, because you will be provided with accommodation in lodgings.


Note: The advantages of our programs are to spend as much as possible time is the protected Reserve Zone and focused more into the spotting of the hundreds of varieties of birds and wildlife in this pristine reserve.

PLEASE NOTE ! Only 7 agencies are authorized by INRENA Peruvian Government Park to OPERATE in the Manu Reserved Zone. SAS TRAVEL is 1 of them.

“SAS Travel provides Ecotourism at its best, working with people from the region to improve their lives, conserving the Environment and preserving the Rain Forest Ecosystem of Manu National Park and the Amazon for the future generations .”

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SAS Travel provides Ecotourism at its best, working with people from the region to improve their lives, conserving the environment and preserving the rain forest ecosystem of Manu national park and the amazon for the future generations.

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